Building surveys & floor plans

As Built Plans Ltd has been operating since 2007 producing new builds, additions and alterations for residential design. We therefore understand the importance of having accurate ‘as builts’ to work from for architects and designers. That’s why we’ve developed a system where we can effectively and efficiently carry out building surveys on site and produce instant floor plans complete with dimensions in 2D or 3D format. Completion to this stage will suit the insurance / real estate sector /lease areas. All areas of the building can be calculated for your reference.

However, further detail is often required for architects and designers. With our programme we can export our building survey as a CAD file with a high level of accuracy ready to continue work on. Additionally, If elevations are required we have the facility to compose these as a CAD file as an extension to our service.

We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and cutting edge technology. We can measure anything from small dwellings to large facilities, indicate tenanted and common areas. Full floor plans can be provided in black and white or colour coded as requested. Supplied in PDF and CAD format on DVD.

Our technology is unobtrusive to those working on site and can done be done quietly with no interruption to the workspace.


If you need a quick start we can offer a quick turnaround. Rather than weeks we can get CAD files to clients in days.


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